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We help your sales expansion, as well as your web-based marketing with our professional
knowledge of Japanese trends and online marketing experience in Japan.



One stop support to develop Japanese market to expand your business.

Support by different

Unique Trade - conventional type of business

One stop support service
from marketing to sale

Unique Trade’s business

The Significant market with excellent business infrastructure – Japan

Business infrastructure

Unique Trade - Business Sophistication Ranking

“Business Sophistication”
Ranking No. 1 in the world

(Source: World Economic Forum,
“The Global Competitiveness
Report 2014-2015)

GDP ranking No. 3

Unique Trade - GDP Ranking

GDP in Japan stands at ¥500 trillion.
Japan is one of the biggest economic zones
in the world, with a huge economic power.

(Source: Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal
Affairs and Communications,
“World Statistics 2014”, Cabinet Office)

Internet diffusion

Unique Trade - Internet diffusion Ranking

85.6% of Internet diffusion rate 54.7% of the
population use smart phones.

(Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Communications, “Communications
Usage Trend Survey”)

However, many European companies which sell excellent
products have difficulty in expanding their business to Japan.

It’s hard to grasp Japanese
market because of particular
business practices and
laws, language

Not sure if the
products and services would
be in demand in Japan.

It’s difficult to prepare
and research all things such as
delivery, payment system,
customer support etc..

Most of the Companies
are specialized in specific field but don’t provide
one stop support service.

The large cost of travel and incorporation
may impede business continuity.

Do not want to
spend much money
even for a test marketing.

Once tried business
expansion in Japan,
but it doesn’t go well.

It’s hard to expand
without any knowledge
on marketing in Japan.

Logo Uniquetrade

can help you to resolve these difficulties.


Cross-border EC Marketing

We are providing the business development and marketing support service based on our professional knowledge of Japanese trends / the purchase tendency / the business measures in the E-commerce market in Japan.

We create a dedicated website as your shop on an appropriate E-commerce platform,
exhibit your products and selling them through these platform

Cross-border EC Marketing Case example - Unique Trade

Web Marketing

We support the companies which develop the Japanese market, in planning and implementing marketing strategies, as well as in selecting advertisement media, advertising and operating.

  • Research for the targeted products
  • Planning strategies
Unique Trade - Web Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Suggest the successful strategy
Unique Trade - Web Marketing
  • Implementing the strategy
  • Promotion etc.
Unique Trade - Web Marketing

  • Report results
Feedback for the following measure


Cross-border EC  × Web Marketing

We supply one-stop support service from create strategy to promote and sale your products.
We will be your business & marketing partner in order to develop your business and supply one-stop support service from planning strategies to selling your products.

Case example

Cross-border EC Marketing

Provide the Cross-border EC marketing consulting services with the company which sales the mobile case in japan.
Then succeed to promote in 9 times the sales and the profit only for 3 months.

A growth rate is an average of 200%

Uniquetrade - Cross-border EC Marketing Case example


Web Marketing

Provide the web-marketing & promotion consulting services with the company which develops the B to C app.
Then succeed to promote the active users 140,000 to 1,000,000 only for 2 years.

Uniquetrade - Web Marketing Case example


Transition of BtoC-EC market scale

Unique Trade - BtoC-EC market scale in Japan

Top countries with domesctic EC users

Unique Trade - BtoC-EC market scale in Japan

Countries with low cross-border EC rate have a large domestic EC market.

The Japanese E-commerce market stands at 12.8 trillion yen and it is still growing. Only 12% of Japanese people have used cross-border EC services. This is the lowest percentage among the 20 countries surveyed. This is because Japanese consumers are satisfied with domestic EC services which are excellent in guarantee, delivery, settlement and language. On the other hand, the comfort of guarantee, delivery, settlement and language works against their cross-border EC utilization.

For this reason, it is necessary to provide services based on the Japanese EC platform in order to sell products to Japanese consumers.